Who I am & what I believe

My name is Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez; I hope you will call me Jen.

I originated from rippling waters with an internal drive for the more divine.

I have spent my life dedicated to the pursuit of my most authentic and healthiest self.

Over the past few years I have committed myself to enriching the lives of those who are also striving for ‘a more super sense of self’.

I will create a safe cocoon for your metamorphosis; you will allow your own best self to emerge!

whatever we focus on grows

I would not be who I am without music.

Vibrations resonate throughout nature as well as the industrialized world creating symphonies for those who listen.

The human form is undeniably a body of water. Some have even argued that the aging process is the dehydration of this form.

Japanese scientist, Masaru Eomoto proved in his groundbreaking book, The Hidden Messages in Water how powerfully vibrations affect water molecules, and the seemingly miraculous effect certain vibrations can create.

This has led to a much better understanding of how we positively (and negatively) create our own health and wellbeing; how we can consciously construct our own reality.

enjoy the day

Understanding the personal responsibility we each have over our own realities can be quite intimidating. I believe, however, this personal accountability can and should be our fuel, inspiring us to be better.

It is not what happens to us, but how we react and respond; what truly matters is how we resonate with what happens in our lives!

This can be as easy as identifying our personal responsibility to enjoy the day rather than waiting passively to have a good day.

A good day is not something that happens to us, it is something that we actively notice and appreciate with an open and grateful heart.

go kindly, be super

Similarly, who we are does not happen to us by mere chance of circumstance alone. We are the cumulative outcome of our daily choices and habits, and the thoughts that create them.

Understanding, let alone controlling, what thoughts form our habits and choices can be much more confusing!

Understanding our emotions and navigating their inherent meanings can be downright mind-boggling!

The subconscious mind can feel like a mystery to many.

Yet, with a personal guide of your subconscious leading the way, we each have the ability and power to affect how we interpret the world around us.

How we decipher and understand what happens in our life will define us, our purpose, and eventually create who we actually are.