Being Super

How does this mousey mannered maiden claim to be super?

Who even has the audacity to call herself a hero?

And why in heaven’s name have I invited you here to participate, to possibly judge for yourself?

Perhaps we will find answers together…or simply maintain this level of confusion; as long as the journey is enjoyable, it will eventually be enlightening.

Once upon a time, as all light stories begin, I blogged as ‘Just Another Jen’; a name that I thought said it all. Unfortunately as my popularity grew, the participants chimed in regarding their dissatisfaction with how I regarded myself, and they took it upon themselves to rename me.

Who me, a victim?


I accepted, embraced, and now cherish the nickname that a few kind souls bestowed so long ago. An alter ego I strive to deserve, am motivated to enjoy, and am determined to prove.

So what have I done since my naming?

Helped an Atheist accept God.

Saved the life of another.

Made a Green Beret cry.

Being super doesn’t always mean being great. Learning to embrace the humility of my true self, I accept the responsibility of choice. I work to survive life with grace as much as grit.

Being super does mean being true to oneself, true to one's loved-ones and true to those who have supported the path of one's cape. 

To my heroic husband, I say thank you for believing in me and making me your Queen and Muse. You will always be my King and Leader!

To anyone else that comes along for the ride, WELCOME and Thank You! Super Jen is pleased to make your acquaintance…