Superhero Posing

The superhero pose is such a powerful tool!

For just one moment stand with your hands on your hips, with your feet at a comfortable stance, planted, like Superman surveying the scene.  Can you feel your cape whipping in the wind behind you? Jut your chin out a little and enjoy the feeling of strength and confidence this silly pose provides.

No, I’m serious, please?

If that doesn’t work for you, try the victory stance by putting your arms above your head like you just won a marathon. Psychologically, they have they same effect on your neurotransmitters, and it is nothing other than empowering.

We can change our personal narratives. This site is dedicated to that goal. So take up a little more space and be willing to be a little more super! Don’t be afraid to stand up for the meek or protect the oppressed…simply remember that, with great power comes great responsibility.

We all have choices in change.

Do your struggles strengthen you for the better or for the worse? Mega Mind is a magnificent metaphor for this struggle in the journey of one superhero, and possibly one of Will Ferrell’s finest films. I cannot recommend it enough..

Remember, if you were blessed to live without strife you would have very little strength behind your experiences. That which does not kill us does indeed make us stronger. Some of us have spent decades being strengthened for things we cannot fully understand.

Do not become bitter. Do not lose hope or faith. Do not allow your strength to increase the disharmony or the disconnection plaguing our world.

To be super, one must feel super.

There, that is the challenge in today’s society. How do we feel super about ourselves when everything out there is telling us we aren’t good enough? That we don’t fit in? That we don’t count?

Strike the pose and spend a minute being super!