Survivor or Victim? YOU decide!

Do you self-identify as a Survivor or as a Victim?

We have two choices in life, to see ourselves as the victim of circumstances or the survivor of them.

This distinction is fundamental to who we become and what we experience from the world.

It is the basis for how we see ourselves that others will see us, and define us.

We all face tests in this life, some we are born into, some we manifest, some simply occur as if by fate. How we define our tests will define how we see ourselves…be a survivor, please. For your own peace of mind, self-identify as a survivor!

Victims tend to be filled with blame and resentment; they have been wronged, they have no control. This is not victim bashing, simply characteristics of people who self-identify as victims.

When you see yourself as a survivor, you will find lessons in the tests. You will become stronger through your survival and continued perseverance!

When you see yourself as a victim, there is never a solution within your own control, no power to take back…you are simply hopeless.

Being Super is a mindset, a choice!

If you don’t think you can do it, ask for help. Find someone who supports the inner hero in you!

If you need a cheerleader, reach out; I’m here!

Focus on what’s right and healthy within you and grow that potential.

Remember that ‘life is about progress, not perfection.’ Are you moving forward or backwards in your development? Only you know for certain! If you are stagnant you aren’t growing. Always reach for being the best ‘you’ possible, and you will eventually get closer; just never think you’ve made it as far as you need to go. That’s the catch. Once you stop taking steps forward toward your goal of who you see yourself to be, you end up being something less than you deserve. 

Where are my Super Friends? Who has chosen to see themselves as a survivor of life rather than its victim? I would love to hear how you do it, what’s your secret to success? Is it self care? Is it a personal passion? Is it the love you have in common with another? What drives you to be your most super self? I have a friend who runs ultramarathons…you cannot tell me she doesn’t see herself as a survivor, as a super version of herself, when she crosses that 50th mile marker!

For me, I simply strive each day to be the best I can be because I don’t want to see myself as lazy or spoiled. I give as much of myself to everyone and everything possible because I believe the more we give of ourselves the more we receive…so, maybe I’m simply selfish. I see the world as having limitless potential for those who are willing to fully participate. I believe I have been blessed beyond belief, no matter what has happened, it could have always ended worse! And I will always strive to be the best me that I can for my wonderful husband who deserves nothing less.

As new challenges are faced in life, I encourage you to do so as a survivor would. 

Facing a new challenge as a victim has only one ending, failure. Facing a new challenge with the force of being a survivor, however, allows you to maintain a mindset of success in the moment; which will allow you to see more positive outcomes along the way, rather than just inevitable doom. 

If all you see is doom, you will never manifest success! 

Success has many definitions along the way, make certain survival is one of them. Then add gratitude to your daily routine, and you will find yourself more and more super with each new challenge.

It truly can be that easy, that simple. Once you allow your definition of success to include survival, you are a survivor! No more self-abuse for how you survive something. No more pointless blame that simply leads to useless resentments and feelings of victimhood. Just celebrate that you survived! Accept the lesson and move along your pathway towards whatever progress you see possible. Don’t settle, keep striving; you can be as super as you set your goal to be!

You too have the capacity to change your perspective; the choice to be a survivor rather than a victim is YOURS!

In any circumstance, no matter how out of our control, we should never lose that perspective…it will give us power when we need it most! Even when death is our only outcome, do it as a survivor until proven otherwise. Being a victim will change nothing, and will ruin everything else along the way. 

Embrace the power it takes to be a survivor, and enjoy the benefits of being super! 

Don’t believe me…reach out, let’s chat!