My Background

Admittedly, I was born into the lap of luxury, blessed with extraordinary life experiences from a very early age. This undeniable privilege created an early appreciation of life as well as an unending existential quest for it's meaning.

Along my path, I have also known struggle and experienced undeniable trauma. I know what it is to wish I had chosen differently; I know the physical and mental anguish from ‘being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

I have come to the conclusion, I am a survivor, not a victim! My goal is to enable anyone who needs assistance along this powerful and personal paradigm shift.

I have pursued many adventures, with varying levels of success; but my core desire has always remained the same;



What I do

Every individual deserves a personalized approach to their specific needs.

Nobody is exactly the same and nothing will work for everybody.

Each client I work with receives a custom approach to their underlying goals.

Some will consider it coaching, others a complimentary therapy; whatever you are looking for, you have the right and ability to be your most super self!

If that which hasn’t killed me actually makes me stronger, then life has made me super!