Support Services Offered


Hypnotism can be defined simply as, “a modern secular helping practice.” Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that allows us to bypass our critical thinking so that we can access our subconscious mind.

A modern hypnotist utilizes insight based techniques to inspire your own creativity to correct an underlying issue that you are aware of, without having the necessary control to personally correct.

We cannot change our pasts; however, hypnosis can release the painful emotions enchaining us to them, allowing ourselves to emerge healthier and happier.

We can finally become the version of ourselves that we always imagined, but eventually grew afraid we would never become!

I like to consider hypnosis a state of mental and emotional detoxification, as well as the rejuvenation of one’s truest self! Some liken it to reprograming our own hard drives with new and updated software.

For best results, consider hypnosis a preventative measure to be utilized before one has the label of disease; however, at any stage of one’s healing process hypnosis can easily compliment other ‘curative’ actions being undertaken.

I offer Complementary Practices only; though I accept medical referrals from physicians, I do not diagnose. My clients work with the intent to enhance their own natural restorative and coping abilities. I believe the offered benefits are beyond measure, but I make no therapeutic claims.